COVID-19 Policy and Protective Measures

The COVID-19 prevention measures described on this page are compulsory and in addition to our standard terms and conditions, and aimed at ensuring both your safety and the safety of others.  This Covid-19 policy is in line with current Canarian government ruling and are not meant to create fear or anxiety in any way, rather than to give you some peace of mind.  Tenerife is a relatively safe place!

On acceptance of your booking, you agree to comply with these measures:

  1. As per continuing guidance, you should not attend our hike(s) if you or anyone in your household have potential COVID-19 symptoms and we therefore ask you to confirm that:
  • You do not have COVID-19 symptoms including a new, persistent cough; a high temperature; or loss/changes to their sense of taste or smell, sore throat, or a cluster of digestive symptoms with abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • You have not had a recent positive COVID-19 result, or been advised to stay at home.

If you develop symptoms during the hike, please tell me straight away and take extra care at maintaining social distancing. Put your face mask on immediately to cover your mouth and nose. We will then look at options to return. Take additional care to wash/sanitise your hands regularly.

  1. Compulsory use of masks:

During transportation in our vehicles the use of masks is compulsory.  This is not government legislation but our own rule to protect everyone.  They are not necessary on the hikes or in public spaces. 

  1. Compulsory disinfecting of hands before entering our vehicles:

You need to bring sanitising gel wipes with you for use before entering the vehicle at the pick-up point and for the return journey to ensure appropriate hand hygiene.  (We will have an additional supply of these in the vehicles should anyone need extra wipes).  Again, this is not government legislation, merely an extra preventative measure against Covid.


  1. Regular disinfection of our vehicles:

Our vehicles will be subject to regular, thorough and effective disinfection to ensure the highest possible level of hygiene.  However, please be aware that muddy and dusty footwells are inevitable from hiker’s boots.

  1. Vehicle ventilation:

       Windows will remain partially open during every trip, in order to ensure continuous ventilation.

  1. Me, your guide:

I have been treble vaccinated against Covid and maintain a high level of personal hygiene to try and ensure my safety and everyone else’s.

These preventative measures will be modified in the light of the changing situation, but always in accordance with the recommendations of the relevant authorities.

Andrew John Tomkins