On any hike it is really important that you are kitted out correctly. Here is Andy’s list of what you should wear and what you should bring with you:

Walking poles -

Walking poles are often a personal preference; some people wouldn’t walk without them and others
never bother with them. However, please note that there are many rocky tracks here and they can
also be wet and slippery re. fallen leaves/pine needles in the forests and hills, especially when it has
been raining. So, if you think you need poles then please either bring your own or you can rent a
pair from us for €2/day for the pair. NOTE – please ask for these on booking.

Things to wear -

  • Hat such as baseball cap or floppy hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Cotton neck scarf
  • Short sleeved top
  • Shorts with pockets or trousers with pockets if it’s cold
  • Socks
  • Hiking boots or shoes or at the very least good trainers with a good tread. Definitely no sandals!

In your backpack -

  • Light weight waterproof jacket
  • Long sleeve second layer top
  • Food for lunch plus emergency snack
  • Water minimum 1 litre
  • Sun cream
  • Camera or mobile phone
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid kit
  • Head torch (only for the Teide 2 Day Trek)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Tenerife has several micro-climates especially in the forests for example Anaga and Teno (Enchanted Forest and Lakes). The weather can change quickly and without warning so if you are doing a forest or a mountain hike you must bring a waterproof and/or a fleece or jacket just in case it is cold or there are showers or sometimes even heavy rain during the winter months.