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Discover our diverse and dramatic landscapes with me your personal guide ..
Andy Tenerife Walker

So you thought Tenerife was all about the sun, sea and sangria, but what you probably don’t know is that the Island also offers a full range of landscapes and micro climates from moon-like deserts and ancient lava flows to beautiful lush green laurel forest, mountain ravines and coastal paths.

I offer a full range of guided walks and hiking, all over Tenerife. I customise my service to suit individual needs from strolls along leisurely trails to negotiating challenging ancient volcanoes and lava flows. 

My group sizes are normally no more than 6 people, however, larger group walks can be arranged upon enquiry.

 Let’s discover Tenerife’s Great Outdoors together. 

Andy has recently been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, click the logo to find out more...

Easy Relaxing Walking Tours
For those of you who do not have much walking experience or for those just looking for a slower pace, then I can organise scenic easy walks along designated paths throughout Tenerife. These walks can be graded on your ability and experience according to your preferences.
Trekking For The Experienced
For the experienced trekker looking for more of a challenge, then Tenerife has plenty of tough terrains to choose from including volcanic and rugged mountain trails. When you see some of the amazing views from these tough locations it really makes the trek worth while.
Beautiful Lush Green Hikes
Tenerife also offers stunning lush green Pine and Laurel forest trails displaying a stunning carpet of colour and beauty as we discover the Island’s moist and cool micro climates. The famous Masca Walk can offer some stunning views and breathtaking scenes. 
Scenic Hikking Trails
For those seeking photography opportunities and breath taking views of the island, then get your cameras ready for our fabulous scenic trails; taking us up mountains, along cliff top trails or through deep ravines. Fantastic views await giving you an exhilarating experience of a lifetime.
Adventure Trails
Adventure begins here – let us take you to the top of Mount Teide (2 day trek), or, alternatively traverse an extinct volcano at high altitude. These walks offer an experience not to be missed in stunning and outstanding scenery, and are not for the faint hearted!
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